Hot Veena Malik pictures to support sex between same gender

Hot Veena Malik pictures to support sex between same gender, here are below the photo gallery of the Hot diva Vina Malik.

Sex between same gender remains criminalized in many countries. But Bollywood hot Veena Malik took initiative to support this one. She did a photo shoot in patronage of LGBT Community. Veena says that sex between same gender is a prohibited subject for the society but if it should legalized as realizing that every person have own life and have a right to live in the own way.

I think this cause should be discussed like game in a sexual orientation. Rights for all mean all — irrespective of colour, gender or sexual orientation. It’s a matter of human dignity.”

Veena had taken a step forward to help the needful who are urging for their right. Veena’s photo shoot is a medium to reach out the masses and create the awareness about this cause.

“A huge diversity of people participating the London 2012 Olympic Games, which includes all type of sex genres and couples. If games are allowing them to be a part of this so why should not Bollywood and people corroborate LGBT”, Veena added.

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