Mohanlal booked for owning elephant tusk

Mohanlal Malayalam superstar actor whose film Spirit directed by Ranjith, Spirit deals with alcoholism.

Spirit Mohanlal movie stillIt is recommended for Mohanlal’s acting, but now it is heard that the actor has been booked for owning elephant tusk.

A case has been registered against actor Mohanlal in connection with possessing ivory from his house by Income Tax officials in 2010.

Forest officials registered the case against Spirit actor and two others, FIR before chief judicial magistrate at Perumbavoor on Thursday. Kodanad forest range office says that the court directed an investigation in the case was expected to be cracked soon.

IT officials had captured the ivory during a raid at Mohanlal’s residence here in 2010. PN Krishnakumar and N Krishnakumar are also accused respectively, have started saying that the permission from wild life officials for the owning of ivory which was later given over to Mohanlal for safe custody as they were employed abroad.

The case has been filed under section 44(6) of the Indian Wildlife Act which deals with owning of trophies.

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