Srimannarayana Balakrishna movie review highlights

Srimannarayana is what character played by the Natasimhamam Nandamuri Balakrishna and here is the Srimannarayana movie review and Highlights. Srimannarayana is the 2012 Tollywood Telugu movie in which Balakrishna returns in an action and plays the role of a journalist.

Srimannarayana movie review

Rating: Average – 2.5/5

Srimannarayana Balakrishna movie reviewBalakrishna emerges with a power packed entry, as he saves a lady journalist from baddies. The actor fits in Srimannarayana role. Parvati Melton suits well as TV Channel reporter, Balayya’s stylish punch dialogues like “Baadadaaniki bio data denikiraa” made fans blow whistles. Dharmavarapu Subramanyam’s role as a TV Channel head laughed the audiences. Another dialogue from Balayya – “Don’t trouble the trouble. If you trouble the trouble, trouble troubles you” Actors M.S.Narayana and Krishna Bhagawan are good as Telugu priests, Jayaprakash Reddy’s lovely comedy is entertaining.

Balayya came up with Narasimha Swamy avatar had his cheered fans. Nandamuri Balakrishna who bagged good sucess in previous films Simha, Sri Rama Rajyam and Adhinayakudu, his new one seems to be some what boring as the film came out with message to the society as a journalist in his latest outing Srimannarayana. Balayya’s Narasimha Swamy avatar is the one to rock. Srimannarayana is a romantic action movie and a triangular love story as its backdrop.

The movie has all good commercial elements like action, love, sentiments, comedy and others. It has a beautiful message to the society. Balakrishna’s stunning performance, Parvathi Milton and Isha Chawla looked hot, Krishna Bhagawan and MS Narayana’s comic timings are the other major attractions of the film. Balakrishna as s journalist fights against wrong stuff. Parvati Melton, who is his fellow journalist, falls in love with him.

But Isha Chawla, who is fiancee, is already committed to him. What happens next in the film watch out in the theater.

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