Salman Khan in Chetan Bhagat’s Kick

Salman Khan the macho Bollywood star will be seen in two different angles in the movie Kick written by Chetan Bhagat. Chetan Bhagat is seems to be keen on mixing humor with Salman Khan’s machismo.

salman khan ek tha tigerChetan Bhagat, India’s bestselling author, is all set to write screenplays for Bollywood films and his debut project would be the Salman Khan starrer Kick. Kick is a remake of the 2009 Telugu blockbuster of the same title and Sajid Nadiadwala has acquired the film’s remake rights, Chetan Bhagat has approached to modify the script, add his characteristic humour and power, to make the film a treat for Bollywood fans. Kick story spins around a guy who lives life only for his kicks, a lovely concept and a perfect recipe for a Salman-Nadiadwala blockbuster.
Have known both Salman and Sajid Nadiadwala for a while and been wanting to work with them. Couldn’t have asked for a better screenplay debut,” Bhagat tweeted.

“Will be adapting Kick from original Telugu superhit, with fair amount of changes as well. Huge expectations, need all ur support! Thanks!” he added.

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