Veena Malik in Burkha wallpapers

Veena Malik hot Pakistani actress now who is a diva in the Bollywood town will be soon seen in The City that Never Sleeps.

According to the latest buzz VeenaMalik spotted in Burkha and here below are the Vina Malik wallpapers.Vina Malik searching streets of Mumbai to find the character face for her movie. Veena is seems to be trying all her efforts to emerge as a good actor with her upcoming movie that’s why she is not leaving any stone un turned.

Now days she is busy on the streets of Mumbai because of searching a perfect character for her upcoming movie “The city that Never Sleeps”. She was seen wearing a Burkha while travelling in the streets of Mumbai because she wants to avoid the crowds mobbing her. She is diverging from his serious genre for this movie and trying to given a perfect character face.

Veena Malik said, “Its big movie for me and I don’t want to take any chance so I have decided I personally walk around the streets of Mumbai and search the perfect face which will suit. Here everyone is a actor but we need to find out hidden inside actor”.

Veena had signed new film “The City that Never Sleeps” which is going to break 20 Guinness book of world record. The movies produced by Satish Reddy and Directed by Haroon Rashid. The Film brings more international flavour for the audience that you never seen before. You will see an amalgamation of many actor and actress from different countries U.K, U.S.A, Pakistan, Ukraine and Russia. The Bollywood stars also feature in the movie along with four music directors and twenty supporting directors to complete the film within seven days to first copy out.

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