Mink Brar first wild card entry in the Bigg Boss 6

Mink Brar is turns out to be the wild card entrant set to stir up passions in Bigg Boss house. Mink Brar is said to be the most awaited wild card entry contestant finally made her appearance in the Bigg Boss 6.

Model actress Mink makes her move into the boys’ room sans sound and manages to sleep there without anyone coming to know about it. Rajeev is the first one to get know that a new person is sleeping in their room. Eventually all the housemates gather around Mink’s bed and are think about who could it be under the blanket.

That’s when Mink woke up met everyone with her beautiful smile. Mink has entered the house on her birthday an she go befriend the boys and to bring some twist in the house. Mink, who has had her share of controversies on reality TV as well as in her personal life, hopes that she will come on the show positive stuff. Mink Brar replaced  Karishma Kotak, who left the show due to her personal issues.

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