Rakhi Sawant to file lawsuit against Digvijaya Singh

Rakhi Sawant Bollywood item girl pops on the headlines that suggest that she all set to file lawsuit against Digvijaya Singh.

Rakhi Sawant plans to file a defamation lawsuit against Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh for comparing her with India Against Corruption (IAC) activist-turned-politician Arvind Kejriwal. Slamming at Digvijay, Rakhi Sawant had said, “He has talked non-sense. Speaking about him a smart and intelligent person, she was a big fan of him, but today he turned negative at her. He used her rags to fire on Kejriwal. He shouldn’t compare her with Kejriwal bhai. Sources buzz that Rakhi in talks with a lawyer and will definitely drag Singh to the court for insulting a woman.

Singh had also taken to Twitter. “Arvind Kejriwal is like Rakhi Sawant. They both try and expose but with no substance,” his tweet read.

Rakhi who has is trending on Twitter, Read on…

Abhishek Patil Abhishek Patil ‏@abhshk: I have more respect for Rakhi Sawant than Diggi, Rakhi was a stupid item girl but diggi was once CM of Madhya Pradesh

Kishore Murari Kishore Murari ‏@kishoremurari: expecting a reply to Diggi from Baba Ramdev in support of Rakhi Sawant :p

Vijay Dwivedi Vijay Dwivedi ‏@agenthunt: We are not ready to give Rakhi Sawant or Poonam Pandey their due.but get hypocritical when a dynasty licker like @digvijay_28 says something

Shadwal Srivastava Shadwal Srivastava ‏@Pareshaan_aatma: The @digvijaya_28 tweet was funny but Rakhi Sawant saying she is way better than kejriwal is Hilarious.Hadd hoti hai!

Vijay Dwivedi Vijay Dwivedi ‏@agenthunt: Rakhi Sawant is as good a professional as Shazia Ilmi. I made a comparison few months back and feminists scoffed at me.I still stand by that

Sanjay Dutta Sanjay Dutta ‏@MrSanjayDutta: Wow..!! Rakhi sawant is now trending on twitter..kya baat hai

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