Ajmal Kasab hanged, Bollywood celebs post rejoice tweets

Ajmal Kasab hanged, Bollywood celebs joyous to post rejoice tweets.Sources buzz that people react by voicing Jai Hind to the news of 25-year-old Ajmal Amir Kasab’s hanging outside Yerawada prison in Pune on Wednesday.

One of the horrible Mumbai attacks the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai on 27 November 2008 was set on fire along with 166 innocents by Pakistani terrorists and the the lone surviving gunman of the 26/11 attack, was hanged at Pune’s Yerwada Jail on Wednesday morning.

Madhur Bhandarkar tweet
Kasab’s execution is a victory not only for the mumbaiker who suffered at the hands of terror, but the entire nation.

Farah Khan tweet
Kasab finally hangs. A day of vindication 4 d people who lost their loved ones 26/11. May terrorists all over know that their fates r sealed

Abhishek Bachchan tweet
Man who should be honoured today: the one who captured Kasab: Asst Sub Inspector Tukaram Omble. |

Raj Kundra tweet
Definition of Power: It took Bala saheb just 3 days to convince God that Kasab should go to HELL! Justice is served!!

Anupam Kher tweet
Justice may not replace the feeling of loss but it gives strength & hope to continue life with renewed belief in system we live in.

Paresh Rawal tweet
Kasab gets hanged at 7.30 and then Mr RR Patil ji did Press Conf. Why press conf on Fansi.Bade bade shahron mai choti-2 fansi hoti rhti hain

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