Sonu Nigam back as host on TV after 17 years

Sonu Nigam who is one of the best singers in the current age is back as host on TV after 17 years.

Sonu Niigaam shot to fame as the attractive host of ‘Sa Ra Ga Ma Pa’ in 1995. While his charming looks ensured that he was a hit with the ladies, his vocal talent blossomed his career to great heights as a playback singer.

Now it is heard that SonuNigam approached to host the awards ceremony of a channel’s 20th year, gave an instant nod without hesitation, much to the delight of the creative team of the channel from where he started his career. Singer Sonu Nigam will be out soon as hosting at the ceremony was lively and entertaining.

He penned and executed great script as an anchor, he even composed and sang an original song as a mark of tribute to the channel. His wife Madhurima designed his look as the host. The event, which will be aired later, saw Sonu making a dashing entry on a bike; he was a rockstar from the kick off.

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