Aamir Khan Talaash Emraan Hashmi

Aamir Khan the ace Bollywood actor and who is also known as Mr Perfectionist and who always comes with unique movie promoting strategy, but this time around its rumored to have found colleague  plan to promote his film.

Amir Khan actor known for his innovative film marketing eventually looked copied of his colleague game. The buzz is out when Aamir Khan announced that he will be meeting crime journalists across the country as a part of his promotional exercise for Taalash, Bollywood insiders sharp enough to notice that finally Aamir has been inspired by Emraan Hashmi.

This is the first time Aamir will repeat a marketing exercise already done by another actor. Aamir is going on a nine-city tour to interactwith journalists covering the crime pulse. When Emraan was promoting Rush, the film’s team organised interaction with the crime journalists of print and electronic media.

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