Veena and director Hemant in love? Photos

Veena Malik the one of the new beauties in the town was seen happy when she saw Hemant Madhukar director of Mumbai 125 kms walking at the stage of Music launch of Telugu Movie in Hyderabad.

Just after that both were not able to hide their feeling with each other and got cozy. On the stage both look like a real birds in love and veena was so happy to express the great moment with her love. Hemant Madhukar and Veena Malik might lookig forward build relationship as it looks like love.

Hemant and Veena were seen enjoying Chori Chori Chupke Chupke holiday in abroad. Apparently, news was reported about their love affair and this is first time both of them have been caught red handed in public. No matter what happened? As we can say that love is blind especially in the case of them.

Veena will be seen in her forthcoming movie “The City That Never Sleeps” where she will break Guinness World Record by giving maximum kisses in movie. So can we say that Veena is practicing with Hemant Madhukar to break all records of kisses.

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