Ram Kapoor to quit Bade Achche Lagte Hain

Ram Kapoor Bollywood actor and the popular TV persona is rumored that he all set to quit the hit serial Bade Achche Lagte Hain, in which he is playing a lead role oppsoite to Priya Kapoor (Bade Achche Lagte Hain ).

Actor Ram Kapoor is likely to exit popular show Bade Achche Lagte Hain in which he plays a rich businessman. Ram turned out to be one of the good actors on the TV, his weight issues added to the charm of his character, also named Ram Kapoor in the show, which kicked off as the story of a middle-aged mismatched couple who find love after an arranged marriage.

Just recently seen in an integration of Bade Achche Lagte Hain and Kya Huaa Tera Vaada, indicates Ram gets an end of a gunshot, and will be taken to a hospital. But doctors inform his family that he is no more. It seems that Ram is leaving Bade Acche Lagte Hain.

Maybe he wants to concentrate only on his film career. Ram Kapoor featured in the films like Udaan, Agent Vinod and Student Of The Year, Ram will now be seen in Yash Raj Films’ Mere Dad Ki Maruti also in Asha Bhosle’s first acting project Maaee. The episode showing Ram being shot at by Anushka Sarkar, a character from Kya Huaa Tera Vaada, will be played on Dec 4.

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