Aamir Khan Talaash sweeps 3 Idiots record at the Box Office

Aamir Khan emerges as a heart-break-cop in his new movie Talaash and kicks off a flying start at the ticket window and is heard to swept 3 Idiots record at the Box Office with the smashing collection. Talash opened to an average of 60% collections which was always on the cards that majority of collection would come from the multiplexes.

Aamir Khan Talaash film ended up garnering around 48 crores in the opening weekend. Amir Khan film saw much better weekend when compared to 3 Idiots, which had fetched 40 crores back then in 2009. But, Rajkumar Hirani strong enough to accumulate 79 crores in it’s first week, interesting to wait and see Reema Kagti’s Talaash coming close to that mark in seven days flat.

The next question is that will the film become an another flick to enter the 100 crore club Well, since audience word of mouth as well as critical appreciation is GOOD and MUST WATCH, Talash should comfortably cross the 100 crore milestone.

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