Paani star Hrithik Roshan to launch vending machine in Mumbai

Paani is turns out to be the 2013 Hrithik Roshan film, the Greek God in Bollywood is learnt that the superstar is all set to launch the world’s largest vending machine in Mumbai.

Hrithik Roshan gonna host an event tomorrow for what could be the next Guinness world record holder for the world’s largest vending machine. Hrithik’s presence will add excitement they take a shot at fame The collection of cars on showcase are inspired by Hrithik and that he will be heading the team of the brand’s Team Extreme.

This is the first time that Bollywood superstar to have endorsed an international toy-brand. Hrithik Roshan will be seen playing lead in Shekhar Kapur’s ‘Paani’ most ambitious project till date. Hrithik is openly discussing the film with others at the ongoing Marrakech Film Festival in Morocco. Shekhar Kapur and Yash Raj Films have teamed up for the film ‘Paani’ to be made with a budget of $ 30 million.

The director who made films like “Masoom”, “Mr India” and “Bandit Queen”, has termed his new work “Paani” a mission. “‘Paani’ is a film, but much more. ‘Paani’ is a passion, but much more. ‘Paani’ is a mission,” Kapur tweeted.

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