Aamir Khan Talaash sweeps 3 Idiots record at the Box Office

Aamir Khan emerges as a heart-break-cop in his new movie Talaash and kicks off a flying start at the ticket window and is heard to swept 3 Idiots record at the Box Office with the smashing collection. Talash opened to an average of 60% collections … [Read more...]

Aamir Khan gets Shammi Kapoor’s jacket for Rs 2.38 lakh

Aamir Khan Bollywood star

Aamir Khan Bollywood star gets Shammi Kapoor's jacket for Rs2.38 lakh, for this Amir Khan had to bid for Shammi Kapoor's collector's items also featuring jacket at auction. Aamir Khan can now take pride in owning legendary actor Shammi Kapoor's … [Read more...]

Aamir Khan turns first non-MP to be invited to Parliament

Aamir Khan Satyameva Jayate

Aamir Khan Bollywood actor is heard to have become the first non-MP to be invited to the Indian Parliament panel to discuss medical issues, Aamir Khan will discuss his findings there. 47-year-old Aamir Khan Bollywood star' show Satyamev Jayate … [Read more...]

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