Sara Khan to essay Bhanwari Devi’s role in B**ch

Sara Khan as Bhanwari Devi

Sara Khan TV actor who is in 'Bidaai' as actress is now heard that she is all set to essay Bhanwari Devi's role in B**ch. Sara Khan will be seen playing the role of the deceased nurse in 'B**ch'. The Bhanwari Devi case given an imagination to the … [Read more...]

Bidaai Star Plus TV channel serial, write messages/comments


Bidaai is a story of two sisters, Sadhna (beautiful) and Ragini (unattractive). Sadhna is the adopted child in the family.Bidai is all about a Life is pleasant for Sadhna as she is beautiful but society is a bit rude and harsh on Ragini, who faces a … [Read more...]

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