Kartik Tiwari’s near death experience while shooting for Kaanchi

kartik & Subhash

After returning to Mumbai from Nainital Subhash Ghai shared an experience while shooting in Kaanchi which was according to him a close call! Subhash Ghai, “My heart beat almost stopped while shooting for a song. Seated on the mountain’s … [Read more...]

A beautiful Actress Exclusive image from Kaanchi of Mishti

Mishti Exclusive Image

Mishti, the 21 year old Bengali beauty is all set to make her mark in Bollywood with Kaanchi. The hunt for the lead actress of Kaanchi was the hot news and a controversial one. After large number of auditions and out of 350 girls, Subhash Ghai … [Read more...]

Subhash Ghai’s heroine Mishti trained Martial Art by ChitahYajness Shetty

Mishti & Chitah Yajness Shetty

Subhash Ghai, the biggest showman of the Bollywood, and Chitah Yajness Shetty, undisputed king of Martial Arts. Both are known for their skill and expertise in their respective fields. Subhash Ghai, fully aware of Chitah Yajness's … [Read more...]

Kaanchi first look, movie by Subhash Ghai

Kaanchi first look, movie by Subhash Ghai

Kaanchi is said to be a musical thriller love story to be directed by Subhash Ghai under the banner of Mukta Arts Ltd. Filmmaker Subhash Ghai will feature a new star cast. Vetaran Bollywood actress Rishi Kapoor will be seen playing a role of a … [Read more...]

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